WAVE Collective Exhibitions

In September 2017, following a year-long programme run by the London Photography Diary, WAVE Collective opened their first exhibition entitled 'Feigning Intimacy', acting dually as the launch of the artist run collective, the show displayed the work of all four founding artists paving way for a series of free open call for submission exhibitions.

Waves are distinctive in their core, each unique in their way of expression, dealing with the personal struggle we each face through reality. Floating in this endless expanse, we keep our heads above, always seeking for answers. 

WAVE Collective brings forward new talent, new ideas and manifestations from the current generation of artists, working in a variety of mediums, ranging from photography, moving image, poetry and more. At times like these, we seek art more than ever to represent and interpret the world around us; no matter if expressed through a personal mode or political fervour. 


Photography Diary Exhibitions

In August 2016 the London and New York Photography Diaries, leading websites for photography in each respective city,  launched a year-long exhibition programme at the café in order to promote emerging and mid career photographers. Every two months the editors of each Diary curated exhibitions, lead by Ivana D'Accico, and with one exhibition guest curated by the University of St. Andrews' Stereoscope magazine. The thematic exhibitions took on contemporary issues, particularly those touching on questions of diversity: Brexit, the U.S. election, regeneration, connection, and gender performance.  The Diaries were pleased to present six exhibitions and show the work of over 30 talented artists from the UK, Europe, U.S., China, and Australia. Full details of the exhibitions can be found here: http://london-photography-diary.com/carmel-by-the-green/.